Papinee Animalia

Papinee is a “lifestyle” global brand for children and adults. The award-winning web site offers a global journey to the user. It has made for the “animalia” collection of the brand where each animal, takes the user to it’s origin country. User can see and buy products, have information about the contries, join the social media campaign by just playing games!

With so much of animation and interactions the real challenge was to keep the loading time to the minimal.

We used background preloading, optimised the assets and optimised load and playback performance to play at smooth 40 fps!
The design of the site is playful and explorative.
Transferring visitors from the virtual world of Papinee to the country where the inspiration is drawn from was a tough task but eventually came out looking quite beautiful.
We used Flash, GSAP for all the transitions & animations, Papervision3D for the 3D Effects, Stardust for Particle Effects, finally XML & AMF Services to load dynamic data.
A custom 3D Flip Book was developed to showcase the books.
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