Far away from overblown commitment, only ice cream... Take the journey to subconscious of the panda, an experience for the well known ice cream brand of Turkey.

The entire animation sequence was rendered as a video using 2D, 3D & post-production techniques. From there we compiled several different frame sequences in varied sizes to suit different resolutions and serve the most appropriate based on the end-user's bandwidth & device resolution.
We didn't want to limit ourselves to just parallax animation via scroll. In order to create a more visually richer experience and embrace freedom while designing the visuals & animations the eventual choice had to be a video.
While the video was central to the experience, the other pages are content focussed and play around nicely.
We used Adobe Media Encoder to generate multiple videos from the source. The frames were optimised using ImageOptim. The site uses jQuery & several third-party plugins & poly-fills.
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