Detan - Apps

We created a couple of games for Detan - A. Operasyon Detan (iOS) - An Augmented Reality game. B. Kadınlar Yarışıyor (iOS & Facebook) - A Facebook & iOS Quiz app

Operasyon Detan
World is under attack by the insects and the only hope is you! We created an app for iOS that you can shoot insects with your phone. "Operasyon Detan" is a shoot’em up style game and everywere is a playground with augmented reality! Hope to enjoy while playing!
Kadınlar Yarışıyor
We prepared an online trivia for housewives. Detan Kadınlar Yarışıyor is also produced as a mobile application as well as the facebook app, enabling housewives to test their house-ruling, tabloid press and TV knowledge.
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