AG Event

We didn’t want to do yet another scrolling with parallax website as an event company’s site should be unique and creative. The site built in HTML5 sports lots o animations and the UI is unique while still being liquid.

With so much of animation and interactions the real challenge was to keep the loading time to the minimal.

We used background preloading, optimised the assets and monitored load and playback performance throughout the course of development.
Each page is animated in a specific manner to best suit the visual treatment. In the Mall Entertainment page we use parallax motion whereas in most other pages like the Events & Kids Marketing page the elements are animated are via simple & complex tweens.

Adobe Flash CC 2014 was used to prototype each page.
We used CreateJS via Flash CC to develop each interaction which was then exported and embedded within the page using the HTML5 canvas element.
Two jQuery plugins were developed from scratch - Project Timeline & Fan Menu
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