About Me

I'm interested in all things that lie at the intersection of Art & Tech coupled with the passion to build cutting-edge digital experiences. Over the past 9+ years, this has translated to several award-winning websites, games, installations and mobile apps.
Web Development
• Developed several modern Single Page Applications (SPAs) applications using HTML5, CSS (SASS),
SVG, Canvas & WebGL using front-end frameworks such as ReactJS with JavaScript (ES6 via Babel).
• Applied strategies such as graceful degradation, progressive enhancement and mobile-first for building
high-performance websites.
• Experience building real-time, multi-user collaborative web applications on the MEAN (MongoDB,
Express, Angular & Node.js) stack with Socket.IO.
• Expert skills with debugging & analyzing web applications using Chrome Developer Tools.
• Applied knowledge of optimizing the critical rendering path (CRP), DOM tree parsing and redraws.
• Well-versed with popular libraries such as jQuery, Bootstrap, D3, Moment & DataTables.
• Implemented automated frontend workflows using Gulp, NPM & Webpack.
• Integrated client applications with several CMS, REST APIs & other third-party services.
• Fairly skilled with PHP/MySQL development on LAMP stack.
• Awareness of search engine optimizations (SEO) best practices & web accessibility standards (ADA).
Creative Development
• Setup installations at events with devices such as Microsoft Kinect & Leap Motion using creative coding
frameworks such as Processing (Java), openFrameworks (C++) & Unity3D.
• Built casual games and interactive installations with Flash and Actionscript 3.0
• Fairly experienced with developing VR and AR applications using Unity3D.
• Built cross-platform mobile apps using Adobe AIR and native iOS apps using Objective-C..
• Tinkering experience with IoT & electronics using the Arduino, Particle & Raspberry PI.
• Beginner level experience in developing skills for the Amazon Echo – Alexa SDK.
Core Skills
• Comprehensive knowledge about UI / UX design & Motion design.
• Good understanding of OOP Design Patterns and Functional Reactive Programming.
• Familiar with the concepts of Math & Physics algorithms for developing real-time graphics and motion.
• Comfortable with agile project methodologies, working in scrum teams that use tools & services from
Atlassian and VSTS to collaborate within the team.
• Enjoy working in multi-disciplinary creative teams (artists, writers, designers, strategists, etc.).
• Strong analytical, visualization and creative problem solving skills.
• Enjoy working in a creative digital agency environment.
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